jloneblackheart's Thanos Rising #1 review

Seems a Bit Off

Anyone who know me knows I am a big fan of Thanos, so naturally I was excited to hear about this series coming out.

I understand this is really the only origin shown to date, but there have been many references and explanations in the past. Lots of things just don't seem to add up. Sui-San wants to murder her own child right after birth, which in the past it was always told that Thanos was never mistreated and his parents loved him. I did actually love the reaction of Mentor though, because that is exactly how it should have been.

I actually had no problems with the young, innocent Thanos. There have been mixed stories of how others on Titan treated Thanos, and generally here everyone is nice to him (well, except his mother). I guess we have always had the feeling Thanos has been dark and evil from the beginning, just from him being different, regardless of how he was treated. But, it certainly is strange to see a squeamish Thanos.

Naturally, I get the suspicion that the woman who is obviously trying to turn Thanos evil is Death herself. I don't know if I am a fan of this. If it is, that basically means that a) she had interest in Thanos from the beginning, only to continually spurn him and eventually share in his love for her or b) Death is just evil, which is contrary to every other showing she has ever had. Obviously, I hope it's the former or I am wrong altogether.

The good stuff should be coming up soon though, so I am naturally hopeful for how this series will turn out, it just didn't seem to get off on the right foot with me.

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