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The planet-shaking conclusion of the Thanos/Galactus/Hunger conflict! If the Titan goes down, he's going down fighting!

Thanos and Galactus are battling Hunger. Thanos' previous plan did not work, but he has others, and manages to get the Soul Gem out of the Infinity Crux and finally turns off the power to the Crux. He teleports away as his endgame is completed: two Rigellian planets collide together with Galactus' ship in-between, with a thermonuclear arsenal on the planets at the point of impact.

Thanos gives the Soul Gem to Pip to give to Adam Warlock and goes off to speak to Galactus. Galan is badly weakened, but survives; it appears that Hunger is defeated. Thanos lectures Galactus on his arrogant and unilateral ways, then leaves. As he does, we see that a tiny piece of Hunger still survives.

Thanos then talks with Adam Warlock, who is going back to join Gamora and Atleza. They now consider each other friends. He then finds Pip, who is drunk from celebrating their victory. At first he is going to take it easy on him, but then decides he has been far too nice lately, and has him thrown into a garbage disposal.

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