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In the aftermath of Thanos' battle with the Beyonder, the damage to the Kyln prison shorts out a vital power link, allowing one of the Kyln's most dangerous prisoners its freedom. This prisoner is the Fallen One, first herald to Galactus, a cosmic-powered sociopath looking to even an old score with its former master!

Cole's team tries to quell the Kyln's inmates. Skreet takes Thanos to a series of cocoons, and explains that one of them belonged to The Fallen One, the first herald to Galactus, whom Thanos has never heard of before. The Fallen One was relieved of duty for being too pathological.

Cole and Starlord find Thanos. It turns out that Starlord is the one who brought the Fallen One to the Kylns in the first place, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Starlord and Skreet also have a tense moment between them based on previous history.

Starlord gets Mynx back from Skreet and restores her to her normal size. Gladiator grabs Starlord and tells him that he is now conscripted to Gladiator's unit.

Thanos eventually decides that the Fallen One is going after Galactus, who could normally easily defeat him. Right now, however, Galan is still weakened from his battle with Hunger. Thanos goes to warn Galactus, who already knows. Meanwhile, the Fallen One is on his way.

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