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Before the  “Golden Age” of comics there was the short lived era that has is called the “Platinum Age” in which the first collections of newspaper strips were turned into magazines and books giving an idea of what the soon to be common form of the comic book would be.

Most were made up of various pop culture favorites of the time.

Texas History “Movies” however was unique.

Starting as a daily newspaper strip in the The Dallas (Morning) News and The Dallas (Evening) Journal on October 5th, 1926 and running until June 9th, 1928 (with a hiatus during the school’s summer vacation) the strip told the history of Texas.

This series gained such popularity among teachers that when it was ended all 428 strips were collected in a 9 1/2 inch by 12 1/2 inch, 217 page, oversize hardcover book under the imprint of the Southwest Press. 

Making it perhaps truly the first comic BOOK.

It enjoyed a long run in the classrooms of Texas

There was also a smaller paperback version put out by the Magnolia Petroleum Company, (Exxon Mobile today.)

Whether either of these books had an influence on the coming Comic Book is doubtful.

But it was there  in a form close to them in 1928.

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