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Brief History

Tether was a feral member of the Morlock-mutants group whom survived the first slaughter by the Marauders and started calling themselves Gene Nation. Tether was romantically involved with fellow Morlock Boost . They later allied themselves with Mikhail Rasputin whom became leader of the Morlocks. However, when the X-man Storm bested Mikhail in combat, she became their leader and told her Morlock followers, including Tether, that they should leave New York, where they would only be hurt, and go the African nation of Sudan. The mutant D'Gard was put in charge of the group, but Storm remained leader. Tether once more met Storm and other X-men when their camp was attacked by Humanity's Last Stand. She blaimed Storm for the situation they where in, and the loss of life because the X-men had not come to their aid earlier. After the fight, Tether and Boost had enough from all the fighting and asked ex-X-men at the time, Havok to teleport them away from the mutant camp so they could start their own lives. Nothing has been heard from Tether or Boost from that point on.

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