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This issue continues using the Biblical narrative of Abraham fighting to rescue Lot and his family, who had been captured as the spoils of battle (Genesis 14:1-16), as the basic guide post for understanding the main narrative. Melchizedek, joined by Elijah and Krishna, oddly enough, ready themselves for their confrontation with Moloch and Astarte, who have now been joined by Atum-Ra.

As the battle commences in two times, Abraham’s forces charge the Anikim, or giants. With Melchizedek’s help, Abraham appears to grow larger than the giants themselves. The Anakim become frightened, and Abraham and his men slaughter them, freeing Lot and his daughters.

In the other narrative, Dr. Stern, Amos, and the others confront the giant insect-like robots, also called Anakim. Dr. Stern explains that the robots are actually manned. He explains that when the Pentagon attempted to have the robots infused with artificial intelligence to allow them to work together on the battlefield, the tests always failed. Therefore, the machines had to be manned. However, the military, not trusting that its soldiers would carry out every command, developed a failsafe in which the machines could be reprogrammed and controlled externally. Dr. Stern uses a remote device to reprogram two of the attacking machines. Their new mission is to free those arrested by the government.

Moloch protests loudly that the Anakim were supposed to be working for his side. Melchizedek scornfully replies that faith rules the day. Dr. Stern and the others reunite with the rescued Jake, Miriam, and Dinah.

After the defeat, recriminations abound as Fallow blames Green and in another world Khammu-rabi blames Cherdolaomer and both Fallow and Cherdolaomer blame the gods for their defeat. Astarte and Moloch blame Fallow and Cherdolaomer’s arrogance and lack of respect toward the gods for their defeat.

Once back at Amos’s hideout, Miriam seems skeptical of the conspiracy stories she is being told. She claims that she and the other detainees were being treated after an accident. Despite Jake’s protest, she seems intransigent. Jake does, however, convince her to enter the chamber with Dinah. Dianh, using her abilities in the chamber to show Miriam all that has transpired, is able to convince Miriam that they have been telling her the truth.

In the chamber, Miriam and Dinah encounter Astarte, who shows Miriam and image of Jake and Dinah having sex—Astarte’s attempt to prevent Miriam from converting. The two continue in the chamber and encounter Melchizedek and Elijah, who both warn them that they must rise above personal conflicts in order to stop evil from ruling the world.

Moloch, at first gloating over Miriam’s destruction, is perplexed that Dinah has successfully turned Miriam around, she playing the role of Lot’s wife. Melchizedek gloats that the story can be changed, to which Astarte cryptically assents.

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