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This issue begins with Melchizedek coming to visit Abraham to tell him that his nephew Lot, along with his family, has been captured by giants controlled by Astarte by order of King Chedorlaomer. Abraham readies himself and his men to rescue them (Genesis 14: 1-16). (A good deal of artistic license is taken with this retelling as this Biblical narrative actually precedes the Sodom and Gomorrah narrative). Astarte and Moloch express confidence that they will defeat Abraham.

The narrative then shifts to Jake and Dinah being interrupted by a large mechanical insect robot that demands that they exit the van immediately. With the couple not exiting the van quickly enough, the robot begins firing at the van, destroying it. Astarte secures the couple inside some type of field and whisks them away to a tar pit near the ocean. The insect robot captures them almost immediately.

At the Sterns’ home, Alan and Greta are arguing about the government’s action against the protestors. Greta blames Alan, while Alan claims he didn’t think the government would use the implants as a weapon. Amos and his gang arrive at the Sterns’ telling them that Jake has been captured. Amos shows Dr. Stern video of the giant insect robots, which he recognizes as a project that was supposed to have only civilian applications—digging ditches and wells. Dr. Stern begins to formulate a plan, telling Greta he has something for her to do.

At the base, Jake and Dinah are met by Alec, who claims to be on their side working on the inside. Jake and Dinah are skeptical. Greta goes to the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Center for Functional Nanomaterials where she is met by Dr. Green who asks her to sign some documents transferring the majority of her staff under his control.

Amos takes Dr. Stern back to their hideout where Stern is greeted by Tyrone singing “Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham.” Stern is confused.

Dr. Green calls Pierre Fallow, who is lounging outdoors in his underwear, holding a drink. Behind him are two large statues of Moloch and Astarte, which are in turn surrounded by dozens of people engaged in an orgy. Green suggests they are moving too quickly. Fallow claims they are in a position of strength.

The last pages again juxtapose the Biblical narrative with the main narrative. As Cherdorlaomer prepares to battle Abraham, Dr. Green and Fallow prepare to attack Amos and his group. As Abraham rallies his men to the fight, Dr. Stern rallies Amos and the others.

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