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Cloak and Dagger were in New York looking into reports of a killer who was victimizing runaways.  The Vampire Tessa sensed the power within Cloak and started following him.  She pretended to be a normal person, and begged for help saving her sister from a monster.  She pointed Cloak and Dagger to a building, where Dagger fell into a trap door.  Tessa cornered Cloak and tried to seduce him into unleashing his dark side and full powers.  Dagger escaped the basement and attempted to intervene, only to be paralyzed by Tessa.  Cloak used his full power on Tessa, but was stopped from killing and/or trapping Tessa in the darkforce for eternity by Dagger, who calmed him down.  They turned her over to Dr. Strange and her current fate is unknown.

Demonstrated powers:
- Super Strength
- Drains blood
- Can turn into a bat
- Paralyzed Dagger and possibly has some sort of mental/emotional manipulation power

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