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Early life

Early in Terry's life it became clear he was a genius, he graduated high school when he was eleven and finished and he completed college when he was twelve. Later he attempted athletics and he won many awards as amateur athlete. Then he became a businessman and became very succesful and rich. However because of all the effortless succes he became depressed.


While driving his car and contemplating suicide, he saw a young woman about to jump from a bridge. Sloane rescued her and discovered that her name was Wanda Wilson and she had been driven to despair by the fact that her younger brother, Billy, had gotten involved in criminal activity. Billy was working for a gangster he idolized named Big Shot.

Sloane disguised himself with a mask and costume and, before the eyes of Billy and the other kids in the gang, fought off Big Shot's men and drove them out of town. The boys had a new hero and Billy named the costumed Sloane, "Mister Terrific."

Having found the challenge he sought, Sloane continued to fight crime as Mister Terrific, defender of Fair Play. He became a member of the All Star Squadron and the Justice Society. Sloane eventually retired and became an English teacher at Gateway University. However, when his old enemy, Roger Romaine - the Spirit King - resurfaced, Sloane resumed his Mister Terrific identity to track him down. However, the Spirit King strangled Sloane, killing him. The JSA have vowed to avenge his death.

DC New 52 - Earth 2

Terry Sloane makes a return in DC The New 52 on Earth 2. He confronts and attacks Michael Holt (The second Mister Terrific, who has just been transported to Earth 2 from Earth...0?). He later reappears in the Zero issue of Earth 2 as a friend and partner to Kal-L, Batman & Wonder Woman but in his reasoning of trying to save his world, betrays them and becomes the greatest villain of Earth 2. He is later hired by the World Army as the head of their World Army Science directive. This brings him into direct conflict with Commander Amar Khan.

Mr. Terrific meet Mr. Terrific
Hero or Villain?

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