Does Terry get the short end of the stick?

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Simple question, I know that B.B takes place in another universe(or is he coming into the main universe?) but it seems to me Terry gets the short end of the stick by writers/fans of Batman(Bruce). Now I know that people love Bruce and everything, hate to see him replaced and all by someone else but...Terry is being groomed to be Batman he isn't a Robin he is Batman. I know that Grayson(was it him?) became Batman for a little while, however I felt that never sat right with me because he was Robin what fit Grayson to me is him becoming Nightwing, because it was his own he created it was his thing. Terry however isn't like that for me, he went right into being Batman and it really just clicked as to it being a good choice he was able to be molded into being Batman. 
I know that they will probably never replace Bruce, but I don't think its right to stay closed minded to another idea. 

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I don't think he will be added into the normal continuity, considering Beyond takes place when Bruce is an old man lol.

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They should add Beyond into the normal community, with Morrison as the writer

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