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Terrus' real name and identity have largely been unknown. Practically nothing about him has ever been revealed other than his status as a villain and his abilities to manipulate rock and minerals. Dressing in a garb similar to a scarecrow, Terrus joined the Legion of Super-Villains in an attempt to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes. This attempt failed, although their leader Nemesis Kid did kill Legionnaire Karate Kid before before he was killed by Karate Kid's wife, Princess Projectra. Terrus and the others were then sent to the prison planet Takron-Galtos.

Years later, Terrus rejoined the L.O.S.V. when it was reformed by Superboy-Prime. He was a part of their attack on the Legion in Metropolis, until, near the end of the battle, Legionnaire Blok punched straight through his suit. This revealed that Terrus' suit was filled with a swarm of flying insects. This raises more questions as to who, or what, Terrus was exactly. A sentient swarm of alien insects inhabiting the suit? A shape-shifting alien? Some unknown power Terrus had never used up till then? These questions have yet to be answered, along with the question: now that the suit has been shattered, is Terrus still alive?

Terrus was revealed to alive and whole once again when he helped the Legion of Super-Villains once again when they were being lead by Saturn Queen, who was at the time under the influence of the Blue Entity.

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