The many Titans

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It's just me or DC enjoyed the idea of "Evil Titans"? First we had Deathstroke's Titans East, and then another run-in with the Titans Tomorrow. And now...Terror Titans. What's next? Hellspawn Titans? Furry Titans?

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i actually like Titans East but this new group bores me. hopefully the next story won;t involve another rival teen group.

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i wouldnt mind seeing deathstroke again

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I love the idea of an evil Titans group, and the Terror Titans seem like a very interesting and delightfully evil bunch, so i hope we see more of them in the future.  However, I do agree there seems to be WAY too many different versions of the evil titans, so I'd like for DC to just stick with the Terror Titans instead of making more separate groups, and create a consistent, recurring roster.
basically, I'd like to see the Terror Titans become a recurring menace for the Teen Titans to face and for there not to be anymore similar but differently named groups.  So yeah, I'd like to see Dreadbolt, Persuader, and Copperhead come back for more with new teammates, possibly with Slade/Deathstroke to guide them in place of Clock King (Deathstroke really is the best choice for an evil titans group leader)

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