guido5595's Terror Titans #2 - Terror Titans, Part Two: Making the Cut review

Why can't offspring have some dialouge.

This issue was a good issue, but the first issue was better. I was eagerly anticipating this issue for the fights to start but other than the Ravager and Star Spangled kid's fights the others got 2 panels. I was pissed that Offspring lost. I love his character and hate to see him so humilated. I felt like nothing happened. Clock King killed Desad and Steppenwolf, the first round was completed, and Dreadbolt found his dad. This was a setup issue. I am awaiting the death of Bolt eagearly. Sleeper hit!


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    Drooling for more! 0

    So as an avid Ravager fan, I've had been dying for this new issue to come out. And other then Rose getting her booty kicked at first, I was not disappointed. This comic is a great addition to the ongoing story line and has me at the edge of my seat. It's been doing a good job of making sure that I can't figure out whether Rose is bad or just pretending to be. And I love the fact that Red X is mentioned. That makes me want to read the rest of the mini-series even MORE knowing that there might be ...

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    Trying to suck 0

    This issue could easily be called, "The Ravager Story" There is page after page of the Ravager fighting her team in training or some combatant in the ring.  At this point I am convinced that the writers want to make this book suck. It hasn't quite made it yet, but we are shown panel after panel of a tournament, yet there is no tension to it at all. So if it is going to have anything to do with the central story, we need to start getting to know these other characters also. Clock King continues t...

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