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Terror is Right...This Book is Frightening!

Frighteningly bad...the plot really sux...dialogue is worse...I am all for comics where villains are the lead, but these losers can't carry a book...or mini judging by the first issue...

These villains are second generation of Copperhead, Persuader, Disruptor, Bolt, Clock King, and Deathstroke...while I love Ravager she was not good here...and the plot is kinda stupid...they work for the Dark Side Club capturing young heroes to fight in their arena...boring...and what a waste of the heroes they kill here...there was one hero in particular that I have enjoyed seeing in the Teen Titans recently and I hate seeing the character go...

The art on the other hand is wonderful and is worth the price if you just want to look at some pretty pictures...

Mask of Tengu for

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Posted by SilverZeo

I still don't get the premise of this series. The Teen Titans have their share of messed up lives, so DC is giving us bad guys analogue of the team itself, whose members are just about AS messed up?
It would make more sense to call this "Ravager" or at least 'Ravager and the Terror Titans" I mean, the whole series centers around her. Right?

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