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Terror is Right...This Book is Frightening! 0

Frighteningly bad...the plot really sux...dialogue is worse...I am all for comics where villains are the lead, but these losers can't carry a book...or mini judging by the first issue...These villains are second generation of Copperhead, Persuader, Disruptor, Bolt, Clock King, and Deathstroke...while I love Ravager she was not good here...and the plot is kinda stupid...they work for the Dark Side Club capturing young heroes to fight in their arena...boring...and what a waste of the heroes they k...

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I loved this book! 0

Most people disagree--but I'm just happy to see Rosie get out on her own. The artwork is stunning and I enjoy getting a sense of who the new characters are. I don't like that a lot of characters are dying in this "Dark Side" tournament, however, as long as I get to see more of Rose I'll be happy. My favorite of the other characters would have to be The Persuader III being that she's just as badass as Rose. But in any sense, I am way excited to read the rest of the series and hope that they will ...

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These loving Titans 0

I was expecting something okay here, but this issue was really good. I love the Terror Titans baiting the other titans to join them in the beginning. Lots of things happened. Clock King is scary and Ravager is kick ass as always. If you want a villian based book or want to follow these characters from the Teen Titans arc pick this up....

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Yeah, I am behind on my reviews ... SO!! 0

 So this is what Ravager has been up to since she left the Titans? Okay, I can buy that ... I guess.  Yet, with all we have been hearing about the Dark side club, I guess a proper mini series is the way to go. However, even though I ultimately enjoyed this issue, it is easy to see how the story can grow tiresome. The Ravager stuff is good enough, I like her as a character ( I do not know if that means she can handle her own book though ) and I would love to see her back at Titans Tower. As far a...

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