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Both Terror and Hellfire are taking out a cult. Terror heads to their leader Sadaist. Terror shots bullets at him but Sadaist covers himself in a red protective shell and destroys his gun. He then opens a portal. All of a sudden a demon tail appears from a portal and stabs Sadaist in the heart and destroys the armor. Terror then rips of Sadaist's arm and uses it to close the portal. Then both Terror and Hellfire find an imprisoned woman and set her free. Hellfire wishes Terror to join the monistary and fight evil but Terror goes on his own. Back in London a merchant warns him that he is diging his own grave. He hands him the card of Borderline Investigations. Moments later Terror bumps into Frank Drake getting information on Ghost Rider and his role in the MIdnight Sons.

In Cypress Hill Cemetary, Terror uses Sadist's arm to open a demon portal and lures ghost rider to him. Terror wants his Penence Stare. They are then interupted by a monster that came from the portal. A monster called Culex. Ghost Rider tries to use the Stare on him but doesn't work because Culex is a new being and never got a chane to cause pain. He then sucks the marrow out of Ghost Rider but then Terror chops off Culex's arm and one of his eyes with a shovel but he grows a new one. Terror then uses the severed arm and eye of Culex and attaches it to himself and uses the magic of his parts to send Culex back into his dimension. Ghost Rider then leaves him.

At a spanish diner, Terror feels like he accomplished nothing but his friend sees other wise. The two dance in the club.

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