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Meet Mr. Terror -- he’s dapper, he’s charming, he owns and operates his own VERY successful business…and, oh yeah, he’s fifteen and a half centuries old and rotting fast.

Doomed to decompose for all eternity, Terror forever replaces his festering limbs with fresh parts. The curse keeps him alive, but it’s what’s left of his twelfth-century sweetheart -- encased in enchanted metal and serving as his right arm -- that keeps him honest. Today, Terror runs a high-stakes private eye firm -- espionage, investigations and assassinations for the extremely rich and extremely powerful. But after eliminating who he was told was a very bad guy, with extreme prejudice and in his own inimitable idiom, Terror learns he’s been had -- he’s just murdered a major government intelligence chief. Now, with the feds on his rancid tail and whoever set him up looking to tie their loose ends, Terror’s on the run to clear his name and bring down the real bad guys. But the killers know exactly who they’re dealing with, and they aren’t making it easy for him…

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100th REVIEW! 0

Yay! I have already stated how I feel about doing this. I dug the first issue of this mini...the art was sharp and the writing excellent. This is a MAX book so lots of sex, cursing, and violence. Terror has changed since I have last seen him..."Shreck" has changed or is not in continuity...I have no idea...that part of his origin was left out...and I don't remember him having a lover's arm that was immune to rotting away. I think I like this version better even though he was an amoral rapist and...

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Who the %$#& is Terror? 0

The MAX line doesn't exactly have a huge catalog of titles to choose from, so when something new does come out it gets my attention. Sometimes it'll be obvious why a mini series is coming out like last year's Zombie featuring the original Marvel zombie Simon Garth, and sometimes not so obvious like Wisdom. This mini series features Terror, an obscure Marvel character that first debuted in the late 1980s (as Shreck) in Marvel's original Epic imprint. He was later brought into the main Marvel Univ...

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