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Terri Henshaw

Terri Henshaw appeared as a crew member of the doomed LexCorp space shuttle Excalibur. Terri and the other three members of the Excalibur crew, including her husband, Henry "Hank" Henshaw were exposed to cosmic radiation, resulting in the crash of their shuttle. As a result of the radiation exposure, the human bodies of two crew members were destroyed. However, their minds survived and they were able to construct new bodies out of pure cosmic radiation and bits of earth and the shuttle. Initially, Terri and Hank suffered no ill effects from the radiation and the crew traveled to Metropolis, in the hope of using LexCorp facilities to cure their transformed crew mates. During a brief battle with Superman, the crew member now composed of radiation became unhinged and flew into the sun. By this time, Hank Henshaw's body had begun to rapidly decay while his wife was beginning to phase into an alternate dimension. With Superman's help, Hank was able to use the LexCorp facilities to save Terri, but died immediately afterwards. The remaining member of the shuttle crew committed suicide using an MRI booth. Terri was soon afterward admitted to a mental hospital where she could recover from the loss of her crew and husband.

However, Hank Henshaw had not truly died. Though his physical body had expired, he was able to transfer his consciousness into the LexCorp's mainframe. Now able to control technology, Henshaw appeared to his wife in a robotic body; the shock of the shuttle accident, Henshaw's death and his rebirth was too much for Terri and eventually led to her insanity and death. Realizing he was now a danger to the planet, Hank used NASA communications equipment to beam his mind into the 'birthing Matrix' which had carried Superman from Krypton to Earth as an infant. Henshaw crafted a small exploration craft from the birthing matrix and departed the planet. Years later, Henshaw returned in the form of a Cyborg Superman and blamed the death of his wife on Superman.

Blackest Night

Black Lantern Terri Henshaw & Cyborg Superman

During the Blackest Night Storyline, Terri Henshaw was resurrected as a Black Lantern. However shortly after being revived she meet up with her husband, Henry Henshaw, now called the Cyborg Superman. As he tried talking to his wife, she seemingly ignored him since as a machine the Black Lanterns couldn't "see" him leading him into a rage where he destroyed Terri's resurrected form.

Powers & Abilities

While Terri Henshaw like other members of the Excalibur crew, barely had any time to show off the powers she gained from the cosmic energy exposure, however she did show dimensional phasing, against her will though and her turning invisible to an extent. As a Black lantern Terri most likely had all abilities associated with the Black Lanterns.

Alternate Versions


Smallville Terri Henshaw

Terri Henshaw, makes an appearance along with her husband Henery "Hank" Henshaw in the Smallville Comics. rather than being a redhead, her hair is now black.


Terri Henshaw, like other members of the Excalibur crew were based on Marvel's premier superhero team the Fantastic Four, her inspiration of course being Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman.

Terri was created by Dan Jurgens.

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