Terra Is Soo In My Top 5 Fav. DC Female Villains! What Are Yours?

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Mine Have To Be :
5. Duela Dent
4. Blackfire
3. Talia
2. Terra
1. Harley Quinn

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1. Harley Quinn 
2. Terra
3.  Poison Ivy
4.  Jynx
5. Duela Dent 

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Terra was a hero for a decade.  Why is Judas Contract the only Terra story anyone can remember?
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Because it was the first big betrayal for the Teen Titans. Essentially she was the Teen Titans first Traitor and whatever good she did prior to that tends to get washed to the wayside. 
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#6 Posted by cattlebattle (12275 posts) - - Show Bio
It was their most popular storyline
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@Zoom said:

Terra was a hero for a decade. Why is Judas Contract the only Terra story anyone can remember?

Terra was also never really a hero, she was a spy for Deathstroke the whole time so any good she did was just part of her cover.

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  1. Harley
  2. Ivy
  3. Shiva
  4. Circe
  5. Cheetah

Some of these go back and forth between villain and anti hero.

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1. Black Alice

2. Chesire

3. Livewire

4. Poison Ivy

5. Killer Frost

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