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Terminators are humanoid robots/cyborgs used for infiltration, assassination, and infantry purposes by Skynet during the war after Armageddon.

Skynet is continually upgrading and perfecting the Terminator line to be for capable and higher functioning. Terminators are characterized by their human shapes and relative difficulty in fighting since they have greater than human strength and durability.

Model T-1

First generation models made by the US Military as base drones and security guards, the T-1 is basically two gatling guns on treads. The original prototypes were reprogrammed by a time traveling T-X into killing most of the staff on base in an attempt to kill both John Connor and Kate Brewster.

After Armageddon when Skynet used Nuclear weapons to disable most of the worlds governments, T-1's were still used as base security though they had gone through a noticeable upgrade from the US made prototypes.

Model T-1 Terminator

Model T-70

Fist Terminator to have a human form, T-70's were big and bulky wielding a minigun in place of a right arm. This model was clearly left outdated with Skynet's invention of the T-600. Most T-70's were probably decommissioned for parts after their invention.

Model T-70 Terminator

Model T-600

One of the later model Terminators and the first to try to disguise itself as humans for the purpose of infiltration. T-600's are still bulky compared with their later brothers though not so much that they can't pass for a large human. T-600's were outfitted with rubber skin for infiltartion though this made them easy targets since they were easy to spot. T-600 was armed with a large mini gun though it wasn't attached as with the previous model.

Its CPU was intelligent for the time though the model seemed to make poor choices when confronted with new situations. For example when A T-600 attacked Marcus Wright and Kyle Reese it was strung up by its foot in a trap. Instead of shooting the line holding it, the T-600 shot off its own foot to continue pursuit. After the invention of the T-800, Skynet kept the T-600 as general base security and infantry.

Model T-800

The most well know Terminator model, T-800's were revolutionary compared to their more simple brothers. Hydraulic servomechanisms comprise the metal body giving T-800 superhuman strength over even the bulky T-600. T-800 are programmed for infiltration and assassination and carry files detailing human anatomy, behavior, and psychology making them perfect agents for Skynet.

T-800's used in infiltration are given the now famous organic covering that makes them almost indistinguisable from a human on the surface level. They bleed, have bad breath, and grow hair like normal humans do. T-800 were also given infantry roles when they started to phase out the outdated T-600. In the future war T-800 are seen usually armed with some variety of directed energy rifles.

The ones sent back as time traveling assassins used whatever weapons they could get their hands on from pistols, shotguns, assualt rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, and more.

The end for humanity

Model T-850

Upgraded versions of the T-800

The metal and destruction

Model T-888

Model T-888 was an upgraded design based of the classic T-800. T-888 was given a similar though more compact exoskeleton so it could assume a more standard human shape and the prganic wrapping was even improved and was able to last for years with out any sign of decay. Improved defensive armor was placed to protect the head and spinal colum area of the t-888 making it even more durable.

T-888 was given bladed thighs sue toi the fact that people often tackle terminators to the ground which now allowed the T-888 to flay and decapitate foes who tried this tactic. T-888 was given three separate CPU units as a backup in case one was compromised or destroyed.

Model T-888 Terminator

Model T-1000

An incredible leap in technology for Skynet, T-1000 Terminators are considered the most difficult infiltrators to find. T-1000's are made from a mimetic poly alloy making a liquid metal terminator that could mimic any human appearance and create stabbing weapons from its body. T-1000 was limited in that it could only mimic things of similar size and could not form objects like guns or explosives since they require moving parts and chemicals to make. T-1000 was also programmed differently so it could act more stealthy.

While T-800s used force to get at their targets, a T-1000 would infiltrate and gather info and trust before making its move. The T-1000 sent back in time to kill John Connor used the form of a police officer in order to locate John Connor and gain the trust of those around him until he found him. The T-1000 was almost completely invulnerable to small arms fire. One weakness was freezing. it frozen by a chemical agent like liquid nitrogen, the T-1000 would become safe to handle until it thawed.

The freezing process would also damage the terminators processors and make its morphing ability into a liability since he would meld into whatever he touched. The only way to permanently destroy the terminator was with molten metal which would break the bounds of the mimetic poly alloy.

Model T-1000

Model T-1001

Model T-X

Model T-X Terminator

Model T-RIP (Resistance Infiltration Prototype)

Marcus Wright

Model T-Unknown (Cameron)


Model T-Infinity

1-950 Enhanced Human

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