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This volume came out after the hugely sucessful movie: Terminator 2-Judgment Day.  
Eleven years after the first Terminator failed to kill     Sarah Connor, a new Terminator T-1000 is sent back in time to kill Sarah and her son, John Connor, to ensure the safety of Cyberdyne Systems in the future. But, a reprogrammed Terminator is also sent back by the future John Connor to the past to protect Sarah and John from the clutches of T-1000.  
The T-1000, dressed as a police officer, comes across John in a mall, from whom John escapes with the help of the Terminator. Later, they free his mother, Sarah from a hospital of the criminally insane. Terminator tells them about "Judgement Day", when the machines will wipe out humanity in the future. They go in search of Miles, Skynet's creator and inform him about the consequences of his work.  
Miles vows to destroy his research and with their help, breaks into the Cyberdyne building to retrieve the CPU. The police break in and Miles is wounded badly. But he presses the detonator of a bomb and blows up the computers. T-1000 comes into the scene and gives a chase to the trio. The terminator manages to overturn the liquid nitrogen truck T-1000 is driving. T-1000 comes out frozen and Terminator shatters him with a bullet. But the heat from the factory melts him and reforms his body. But after a brief fight, he falls into a vat of molten metal and melts away. The Terminator does a final act of sacrifice. He lowers himself into the vat so that his technology cannot be used by Skynet.

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