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Sister of Carmine "Pittsy" Gazzera. She is a charismatic character of The Punisher MAX. She first appears in The Punisher Max #19, at the beginning of the "Up is Down and Black is White" arc. She is the brutal and highly devoted new bodyguard of Nicky Cavella.

Very simple-minded but highly muscular, she is doing Nicky Cavella's dirty jobs without asking any question. For instance she kill Joey Picardi and dispose of his body because he wouldn't give in to Cavella.

When the Punisher comes for Cavella, she manages to shoot him in the chest, knocking him out for several minutes. Cavella being shot, she also motivates the troops.

Right after that she tails the Punisher with her boss, and while checking his wound, she cannot help kissing and licking him, which disgusts the latter who pushes her away, embarrassed.

Frustrated, she breaks in Roth's joint where O'Brien and the Punisher are hiding, and she attacks them, being obviously jealous that O'Brien slept with her brother's killers while she never get to sleep with anyone herself.

She does "claws" damages and stabs the Punisher in the chest but finally gets shot in the head by O'Brien.

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