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How powerful and what is the origin of Tenebrous?

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Power enough enouhg to even take on galactus and give him trouble orgin known.

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Tenebrous was introduced in the recent Annihilation saga.

He has been imprisoned by Galactus (along with another individual of similar power level and status) in the centre of the Crunch - a special place in space where there was massive amounts of focussed energy (I think).

From the description, they were imprisoned long before the Fallen One was Galactus's herald (as they did not recognise the ex-herald).

Obviously Tenebrous is a galactic level threat and if Galactus imprisoned him then he must somehow interfere with Galactus's mission.

I would imagine that his power levels are approaching those of Galactus but he may not be quite the equal. Obviously he is much more powerful than a suped up Surfer though.

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