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The woman who later becomes Tender Mercy is revealed in Justice League of America, vol. 2, #50, to have been a Bana-Mighdall Amazon who is offered by Doctor Impossible to become one of his agents, citing that she has been abandoned by her gods, and offering her the chance to become a god herself. She accepts his offer, and, along with Black Neon (a dark counterpart to Lightray), Chair (based on Metron), and Hunter (patterned after Orion), become his answer to the New Gods. She helps them steal an alien machine that had been buried on Earth for centuries, taking out the Power Company in the process. They later break into the Justice League Watchtower to steal other alien artifacts, despite being ambushed by Green Arrow and attacked by the disembodied Red Tornado, and manage to make off with them. They then combine all the stolen artifacts to create a machine powered by kidnapped JLA member Blue Jay, which opens a gateway to the Multiverse. It is later revealed that they had been doing this at the behest of Owlman of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, in order to revive Alexander Luthor so that he could help the CSA stop a matter bomb he created from destroying the Antimatter Earth. Owlman, during the course of a fight between the CSA and the JLA, manages to slip away and meet with Impossible's team to activate the Resurrection Machine. Impossible then double-crosses Owlman and reveals the true nature of the machine: to revive Darkseid, with Hunter as a host. As the smoke clears, a figure is seen, to whom Tender Mercy and Black Neon bow down to, swearing their allegiance. The figure is then revealed to not be Darkseid, but a being called the Omega Man, who promptly blasts both unmercifully.

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