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So, after reading the first two issues of UXM I added Eva to a list of characters I was interested in seeing more of, and one thing I appreciated was the blue bar tattoo things on her face. I don't know why, just liked the distinctness of them. But when I looked through the few images already on her wiki page, I noticed something weird: the bars weren't there. Wondering if I'd imagined things, I went back to Issue 2 and checked. They're there. Sometimes.

Exhibit A: Eva with blue on her face.

But of course, those bars aren't there on the covers she's appeared on. They're also not on all the pages. I figured maybe it was some aspect of her power manifestation, so it would come on or off depending on the situation. But then I noticed this:

Note: This is on the same page. THE SAME PAGE. In one panel: blue bars. In another panel: nada. So I'm pretty confused. Is this just Bachalo being super-careless? Or is there an explanation? I just don't like seeming crazy for saying "yeah, she has these blue tattoo things on her face" and then have people look at images of her which clearly lack them.

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I think it's being careless of the artist.. i don't see any reason why it would suddenly appear and re-appear when she isn't even using her powers. Nice catch though!

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It strikes me as a little absurd to be that inconsistent (and it pervades the book).

It also kind of makes me think Marvel's editors should be fired, because they're obviously not, you know, editing.

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I didn't notice this when reading, thought there might be a pattern so I had a look.

She has them on her face 7 times in the 2nd issue and is clear in 11 panels in which she appears. How can such a mistake get through editorial? I could let them off maybe 1 or 2 but 11 times?

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@akbogert: I guess I just assumed it was some kind of war-paint like make-up, that just wasn't noticeable from every angle. Bachalo tends to be a bit sloppy and styley about such details anyway, so I hadn't really noticed.

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@dangallant984: Well, that's what confused me so much. I can understand a little sloppiness, but as so graciously took the time to point out, it's rather ridiculous the extent to which it happens. So maybe Rachel there's an actual reason for it? But that's not clear with Eva (as far as I can tell Immonen has never shown her with the blue at all). And like I said I know there was at least one other character I saw it with; maybe sometime when I'm bored I'll find that as well. *shrug*

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