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As Tempest leads his army into battle against Slizzath and his undead forces he realizes that he is at a complete disadvantage as his forces are slowly being slaughtered. While Tula continues to fight Garth much to Slizzath's amusement as she trains more of his mystical energy, until the battle is interrupted by the returning Letifos alongside the Sher'hedeen along with Berra and the remaining Idylists. Atlan then tries in vain to get Garth to destroy Tula which he refuses to do, forcing him to telepathically contact Letifosm to injure Tula in front of Garth so he can realize she is not alive.

Letifos however manages to do it with Garth destroying Tula, before regaining his powers from Slizzath which ends the threat presented by the undead army. Tempest then uses his powers to reimprison his uncle, as Berra becomes queen of the Idylist once again. Meanwhile Neptune and Poseidon depart following their capture,as Temepst departs to rebury Tula.

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