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Slizzath has arrived in the deserted idylist city, where he begins raising the dead through out the sea to be his subjects erecting a beacon to draw them to the city while taunting a captured Temepst and Atlan. Garth then frees himself only to be confronted by two dead warriors who attack him, greatly weakened he attempts to use his powers only to discover they are gone. Despite the odds he enters into battle to be quickly knocked out, however he is quickly rescued by the remaining Idylist and taken back to their hideout. Here he meets his mother Berra who feels him in on the history of his uncle Slizzath.

While Garth and the resistance begin discussing the tools to defeat Slizzath his spell reaches their armory with Garth urging the Idylist people to use the weapons his father had created to battle his opposing army.Garth manages to convince several of the people to break their vow, and they set out to stop Slizzath with Garth realizing Tula's involvement.Tempest and his army then arrive to confront Slizzath who vows not to use his magic, instead using Tula to attack him.

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