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Garth awakens from a nightmare in which a decaying Tula attacks him and kills him, once he awakens he presses Tula on where she has been and her refusal to tell him any answers he has. Letfios then enters the chambers once again pressing Tula on why she is alive with Garth leaving to enjoy some time away from the arguments.While Slizaath cuts off Atlan's message to Garth warning him of Tula, before warning him against trying again as he will sense it.Garth then arrives in a cave and begins his training impressing an ever watching Slizzath.

Garth then returns to the city where he ends the argument between the girls before revealing his new costume and code name of Tempest. The three then journey to the library, where Tempest finds the scroll he needs to complete his ritual which he leave with Tula while he goes to meditate. Letifos then takes it from Tula who she felt had ill intentions for it,only for Tula to attack her with Letifos getting the better of her until Garth arrives ordering her to leave the city. Tempest then begins the ritual passing it only to be attacked by Tula which funnels energy back to her master Slizzath, which helps him to regain his true monstrous form much to Atlan's horror, as he appears before Garth expressing his intent to conquer every undersea civilization.

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