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Atlan brings Garth to the city of the Idylist's in order for him to claim the power which is his by birthright. However he is met in the abandoned city by invaders which he battles alongside Letifos while Atlan recognizes the style of the armor which has not been seen for thousands of years.While elsewhere Poseidon arrives at Hades request to deal with a problem involving the dead, only to run into his Roman counterpart Neptune. However the two are captured by an unknown attacker who incapacitates the gods, imprisoning them in an energy sphere to absorb the life force's which make them immortal.

While the god's captor watches Garth and his allies battle his foes leading Garth to believe he killed one of his attackers. Following Garth using his powers to trap his foes in ice, Atlan allows him to learn the truth of their return to the sea for Garth to perform the spell to seal his powers inside him for life. The captor then orders his minions to destroy Letifos and capture Atlan which he struggles to prevent until Tula arrives attacking an invader much to Garth's and Letifo's shock. In his happiness over being reunited with Tula however, Atlan is captured as the rest of the soldiers disappear. The three then search the Idylist city, with Tula commanding Letifos to return home, with Letifos refusing as she vows to expose Tula as part of the madness that has met them.Garth then vows to finish his training, and then set out to find and rescue Atlan which Tula and Letfios both vow to aid in.

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