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Telle-Teg Saves Green Lantern

Telle-Teg was a record-keeper in the citadel of the Weaponers. He was not evil like almost every being in the anti-matter universe of Qward. Telle-Teg met in secret with others that were like-minded and they plotted to escape Qward. They discovered a bridge that was built by the Weaponers that connected Qward with the plus-matter universe. Telle-Teg elected to go through the portal alone to ensure that it was safe before he allowed his friends to attempt the journey. On the other side, however, he was attacked by a Destroyer. Telle-Teg then, having heard of Coast City's champion, went to Green Lantern for help. During the fight between the Destroyer and Green Lantern, Telle-Teg saved Green Lantern but was struck down and killed. Green Lantern traveled to the Universe of Qward and fulfilled Telle-Teg's wish by helping his friends escape to the plus-matter universe.

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