battlepig's Tell #1 - Die Legende Kehrt Zurück review

Dystopia Switzerland

In a city ravaged by a failed economy and some sort of eco-disaster, a hero emerges to re-instate law and order. And he appears to be Tell, the hero of Swiss lore.
The Good:

  • This book is a really interesting take on the superhero genre. It's not a hero born into a universe used to heroes. He's not even a good guy. The world Tell is set it is basically our world that got damaged beyond repair. The people in it, they're us. When Tell shows up, they think Tell is a threat, some sort of creature out to harm the inhabitants of Zürich. And in a way, Tell is harming the Zürcher. He eliminates the criminal element in a world where justice has become a matter of money.
  • David Boller has drawn Batman comics. It shows. This comic comes from a country that is known - if it is known at all - for underground and alternative comics. Now with something like Tell, Boller has crossed a border that was previously thought uncrossable. And he's doing it rather successfully, too.  The art alone makes it a very nice read, it's solid, dynamic comic book art that leaves nothing to be desired.
  • The comics are published in English as well on Boller's publishing website. 
  • It's quite cheap. About two bucks under a regular trade paperback.
The Bad
  • As good as all the things above sound, the origin of the book will most likely be its demise and it will most likely never amount to something anyone can live off. It will remain a labour of love, something Boller does because Boller likes doing it. Swiss comics just don't have the impact or the exposure they would need to really make a splash.
  • There are a couple of typos in this book. Hopefully, they're not in the English version.
The Verdict:
Even though you probably can't buy it, you can still read it. And read it you should. It's different, it's entertaining, it's just a good comic.

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