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==The New 52==

Around five years ago, the Tektite Solution was first developed at the government facility known as The Lab that was part of the military industrial complex where it was created under Director Mitch Shelley. The development of this biotech saw its first usage in Iraq, Basra where Shelley along with his assistant Hooker ruthlessly tested the substance on the dead and the dying. Despite the unorthodox nature of the field test, the Solution showed some promising results when Director Shelley suffered a terrible accident. An attack on his field base saw him losing his arm and being injected with the Tektites by an unknown attacker. Rescued by his security consultant, Deathstroke, Mitch Shelley was rushed to base where he ordered the Solution to be injected in all the wounded. Director Shelley's arm was later reattached whilst Hooker recovered though his wounds never healed and Hoffman along with Leno healed as well as developed enhanced abilities. At this point, Director Shelley's arm began to reject his body and it was discovered that the reason for this was because he was growing a new arm. As a result, the old arm was sent for incineration where it was destroyed but the Tektites within dispersed in the air where they culminated away and began stripping the area for raw material. The Solution thus began to follow its function of restoring its hosts genetic template and was responsible for growing a completely new Mitch Shelley as a result. The duplicate wandered the world as the Resurrection Man whilst the original Mitch Shelley began to slowly die as his body was failing him leaving him in a near crippled state. After learning of his duplicate, Director Shelley became obsessed with finding him in order to unlock the secrets of the Tektites.

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