Your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

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Red's my favorite color

I like angry heroes

He's a badass

He has a cool weapon that is kind of a-typical

He became the Shredder for a while


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It's got to Raphael !!

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Raphael is my favorite turtle.

#55 Posted by The Poet (8338 posts) - - Show Bio

Venus de Milo :P



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Growing up as a kid it was always Leo or Mikey for me but now Donetello is making his way to the first for me as is intelligent is awesome.

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The 2007 movie was good. Turtles Forever was better. Peter Laird did a great job on both of those though. Raph all the way. Best part of Laird being done with the franchise for now? Nickelodeon really wanting to rake in the cash. I'm loving the new IDW book that they've been putting out for the past year. And now with this show we have some kickass figures being released. For a little less than $8, you get an actual sturdy figure with great articulation. The selling point for me? When I noticed the weapon caches in the box. Those little break-away plastic weapons had me reliving childhood.

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Raph for being a badass

I like Mikey a lot too.

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Silver Sentry (I never really liked the turtles per se, I liked the animation,mythos, stories, and premise though.)

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Donnie then Mikey.

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Slash. The un-official psychotic, monstrous turtle.

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Mickey since 1990!

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Don was always my favorite but I don't follow them very devoutly.

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My favorite Ninja Turtle besides Casey Jones would have to be Leonardo. I mean all of them have their own unique personality that I really find I relate to, but if I would have to chose one it would definitely be this guy! He's a katana-wielding mutant ninja turtle!

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Raph all the way baby.

I think he has the most character development...

I love how he's such a hothead and badass, yet he watches out for his brothers so much and is really just a softie deep down

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its hard to say when they are all about the same. just different weapons and colours.

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  1. Mikey is the best, hilarious, and badass.
  2. Donny used to be my favorite.
  3. Raph I usually hate him cause he is a big baby, and it gets annoying how many times Splinter has to teach him a lesson.
  4. Leo is usually just boring and emptiness.

This is 2003 version.

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Michelangelo, cause he's the only one who isn't always angry or serious. I like each trait the turtles (And Splinter) bring to the table, especially when they are written correctly, but Mikey just always seems to shine. The best parts are when he becomes serious, and you see why he is part of the team. Also, I like that he likes comics like me.:)

(PS: Anyone watch this series? Twas pretty dope)

I loved that series! And Mikey has always been my favourite. When he got serious in that tournament, he kicked everyone else's ass and was the last turtle standing

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1. Raphael

2. Mikey

3. Don

4. Leo

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Mikey! He spends his days eating pizza and hitting people with nunchucks.

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Mikey. Mainly because he's the one I can see myself being the most friendly with.

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Honestly, I think I've gotten to the point where I like them all equally but just have times of leaning towards one of them in stretches.

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Since I was 4 years old and still is 26 years later.

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He's my favorite TMNT character

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