To what species of turtles belong the TMNT?

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are mutated turtles - but what species? Are there any references in the comics for the exact species?

(Thank you for your answers! And sorry for my bad english!)

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Box Turtles??
They are commonly sold in NYC
ask Matt Murdock, they were his pets originally :)

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@RedK: that matches very well! Is that just your own opinion or what gives you that idea?
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@coprophage:  not my own opinion it was confirmed, in a documentary a few years ago about the 90's and how the turtles made an impact, over in Ireland and England when the turtles were everywere people bought the same species as pets for their kids but as they got bigger they were realesed into local ponds and parks
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The main four being Red eyed slider turtles is absolutely correct, additionally Slash was a mutated snapping turtle in the cartoon, but just a turtle like alien in the comics, and their enemy turtle mutant Tokka was a mutated Alligator Snapping Turtle

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