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 We're excited to announce that the world premier of the "Turtles Forever" movie will take place on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21st at 10 a.m. on The CW4Kids TV. The all new feature length "Turtles Forever" will air on TV -ONE TIME ONLY! So, be sure to check your local listings. I highly recommend watching this to every fan out there!!!  If you like the 4Kids series or not!!! Deff going to tape this. AND  Hooray! I know I'm setting *MY* DVR and my DVD. And  what you are looking forward to seeing in Turtles Forever Movies .

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 I   know and it’s going to be so cool seeing the1984 turtles and the 1987 cartoon turtles meet the 2003 turtles.

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So, who was watching this morning?
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Yeah I watched it. It was awesome! I loved how they put the comic versions in there too.

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F@#KING HELL!!! what the helL!!!

Dammit....grrr i wish i would hve been up to see this

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crap, didn't know
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They will be showing it again I believe three more times and next week.
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   It was awesome I loved  see 1984 turtles  .  What do you think about see 1984 turtles in Turtles Forever.

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