Peter Laird clarifies, he thinks MB TAET is awful

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I thought it was pretty obvious as to what he meant yesterday. I guess I'm one of the few that reads instead of skimming.

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  • It's not "Michael Bay's" project. He's the producer.
  • Anyone and everyone thinks a planet full of turtles isn't a good idea. But that's not fact yet, just pure speculation.
  • As stated in this thread, the director hints that the "alien race" remark was just in regards to the ooze being alien tech.
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@k4tzm4n: Well.....That's different. Didn't see it.
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Peter Laird Save us.

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@Mr_riddler: Laird sold his rights to TMNT already. So.....

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@TheGreyOutcastX: Yep. for 60 millions of dollars. But i can't curse to Peter Laird for that choice, is not in my blood.

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Well, I'm looking forward to it personally and the whole original concept of ooze being alien created or whatever makes sense from the original comics.

As for Pete deciding to sell the rights to TMNT, if you do this you have no right to complain...because as far as I'm concerned you're pretty much saying "ehh I'll take money in exchance for selling my beloved series because I don't want to be bothered by it anymore"

When it comes to big franchises, there's always someone out there that will grab it at the drop of a hate if it's a popular series and will bank $$. So if anything, I'd partially blame Peter and Kevin for selling the rights to guys like Bay, for all of those crying a river over it.

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@Vaeternus: He freely admitted that he had no part of it but he like the rest of the fans still has the right to say he doesn't like the concept

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@joshmightbe said:

@Vaeternus: He freely admitted that he had no part of it but he like the rest of the fans still has the right to say he doesn't like the concept

The fans as a whole will never be pleased, this goes universally no matter what the series, game, comic is...unless you do a rush job like SF movie or something, people shouldn't go as nuts as this though, we haven't even seen as much as a teaser much less trailer, yet people are so judgmental and seem so convinced it's going to suck. The Transformers fans are just ridiculous after reading their demands, I mean I realized that once Beast Wars came out some fans were bashing that series yet that was easily one of the better ones, then there was the Bay movies which they hacked the guys computer and then the last video game which did well but some fans hated it.... Point is, you can't please everyone no matter who directs it or is in charge and I don't think the Transformer fans would be please if anyone short of Jesus himself did the movie.

Therefore my original view still stands, you can say I'm not a HUGE fan of the concept but don't go crying or bashing the guy if you totally sold the series for money...the whole point of doing so is to let others take over the series, not letting others take over a franchise to your personal taste.

That's what I'm saying. What if this movie winds up getting 3 stars, turns out to be a sleeper hit? Then everyone will feel silly then. I've seen the same pattern with comic predictions, video game predictions etc only to see people eat their hat.

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