New TMNT Trailer

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I don't remember if I mentioned it here (I think it was another message board) but I think this looks cool. I refused to watch the original movies. I think I was told the first one was okay. But they also put in Vanilla Ice (in III I think). I first was exposed to the Turtles in the early 80s with the original black and white Eastman and Larid comics. What came after was just too...sugary for me. This trailer also has the approval of my three year old (then again she thought it was hilarious when I showed her the Simpsons trailer with Homer getting bashed between a rock and a hard place on the wrecking ball).

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The first movie is actually pretty decent, at least it was to me as a kid. I thought the suits were pretty rad and lifelike and it had some pretty decent action. The next two were horrible.

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I was the same as G-Man. I couldn't stomach anything that wasn't the original books, which are incredibly cool. Hell, I even enjoy Radioactive Black-belt Hamsters better than all the spin off TMNT stuff.

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