My Martial Artist Casting

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Ok the name of the movie is Ninja Turtles, for the same you need guys that move like "Ninjas", one of the problem with people at making movies is that they cast "actors" with the idea that they can make what the character needs, what explain why action scenes today are getting more horrible and almost every action movie uses more and more CGI, Hollywood dont cast people that can do the job.

Mark Dacascos: Horribly underrated, great actor and better martial artist, for some reason Hollywood decide to push guys that cant act and cant do their own stunts


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Scott Adkins: Other guy that can act and do thing that Hollywood only dreams to put inside of their movies, also Fox, fire Raynold and get Adkins as Deadpool, scre you Ryan, i give you my heart and you give me nothing.


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Micheal Jai White: He is so good, that Nolan used him in TDK, you remember him, Heath kills him, but still he kick ass and he has all that Kung Fu Treacheary


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Taylor Lautner: OK Taylor there is only one way to make guys dont hate you and respect you, make martial arts movies and forget about crappy romance movies.


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Marko Zaror: The guy can do move that some one of his side, shouldnt be even dream could do, the guys looks like a giant and moves like a Ninja, what Shredder needs to be.


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Donnie Yen: He can kick Jet Li and Jackie Chan to hell, Donnie is the example of a guy to good for white people, he is so good, that he acts as the Master of Bruce Lee Ip Man, yeah he is that good.


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