Michael Bay wants to turn the TMNT..into Aliens...

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WTF? Kinda loses the concept.
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transforming alien ninja turtles from cybertron that are powered by huge explosions?

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I'm mad.

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Either he's a bigger idiot than we thought, or he meant alien as in different. Hopefully it's the latter, because they might as well call them the TANT if they are aliens.

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Ok, I'll admit. Bay did modernize the Transformers for a new audience and he did a pretty good job. But reducing the Turtles origin to simply being... aliens? C'mon bro...

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Why are they doing this to us!

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LOL. To be honest, if that works for the best I don't have a problem with it. The thing is, I don't see how it will...

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@The_Tree said:

Either he's a bigger idiot than we thought, or he meant alien as in different.

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.......so her wants teenage ALIEN turtles?

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quick hide this thread before Katz sees it

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I want to turn Michael Bay into a murder victim.....

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Come on love, I'm trying to have a pleasant day here being excited about tonight's Walking Dead. I'm even eating pie today.

I don't need to be brought down with this association of Bay with my beloved Turtles, lol.

Suck one too, because I know he's on Viacoms payroll. I pray that he'll be to entrenched with Transformers 4 (and 5 if I read his contract right)

and not have the time to move in on TMNT.

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Michael Bay: FFFUUU !!!
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Anyone had their stop watch ready. I am not even surprised anymore. Edgy that was the original. Aliens been done in the second issue. Tough that was original and 2000 series returning that back to the original which they did a great job. You are going to make them believable route which is hard since the movie did a great job. Their wackiness made them hot seller. Turtle can take many forms since we have so many recarnations of them. This reminds me I like to apologize at Nick’s first pilot of the turtles which were fat and had beaky mouths they were not that bad. It is going to take more than then a new look of the turtles. Saying that they are alien seems cheap. I pretty sure it is going to get allot of money since it is turtles, but we will regret it after ward.

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Then what is to become of Shredder? I thought he was the alien?

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Oh Hellz Naw

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@spiderbat87 said:

quick hide this thread before Katz sees it


All I can say is: Unnecessary change seems entirely unnecessary.

But, I'll wait until we see more before unleashing the nerdrage kraken. :)

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I want gritty, dark, 4 foot tall turtles, all with red bandannas, raised for the sole purpose of assassinating their masters enemy. I want R rated TMNT. I realize this will never happen...

I guess I don't really care if they're aliens since the movie won't be what I want it to be in the first place, but the change just seems pointless.

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i am might be the only one but i like this idea .This way he can move from tmnt an the kids stuff an make it more over the top an less kiddies some hardcore action turtles style lol

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@Icarusflies said:



Indeed. Its kinda stupid huh?
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@hectorsquall said:

Destroyer of Childhoods, you mean...
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@War Killer:

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@hectorsquall said:

@War Killer:

Nice, man. Very nice xD
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Bwahahahahahaha ohhh....hahahahahahaha.........Ahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha cant hahaha breathe bwahahahahaha

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@BlackArmor: LOL Are you mad?
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After watching big picture from Moviebob of untransformed


Anyone feel that this may be Bay’s practicing of dark comedy. I think I made everyone die a little more inside for showing that video. Wasn’t the reason TMNT last movie did not do too well was because little downer and missed the point. This current one best case scenario be brushed up and get surprisingly good series afterward like Transformers Animated.

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@Primmaster64 said:

@BlackArmor: LOL Are you mad?

Like a hatter...oh wait you mean am I angry.....kinda I wasn't expecting much anyway, this strikes me more as a "hahaha" stupid thing then a "what the hell is wrong with you" stupid thing it's so bad I can't be angry

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@Hazlenaut: I'm curious to whether your sources even know of the subject matter and creative process, or if that's fan-fic? The reasons I say that are the Turtles movie reference (?). The live action Turtles films were an utter success, and still remain so to date, both a testament to Jim Henson's legacy and the rest of the creative forces involved. They weren't in line with the 80's animated series, which confused some people, but the first was faithful to the Mirage series, which the 80's cartoon was not. The TMNT CGI venture was not understood by unversed critics as it was a continuation of the Fox series. Turtles Forever likewise did a great job celebrating the Turtles anniversary, and closing one era into the Viacom one. Overall the Turtles are a constant win all around, no matter the interpretation. As for the Transformers Animated (?), I presume you mean Transformers Prime? That isn't Bay's work, and as it stands, the quality of it proceeds his. I'm uncertain were this delusion that Bay creates transformers comes from at all, but it's 100% untrue. Hasbro perpetuates the franchise, and all ventures are put forth by them. Bay moxied his way into the live action vehicles after they were already established. Finally, as for a Ninja Turtles series after the next film? The series was already green lit and has been in production since before the film itself in order to ignite the new Viacom/Nick era, so that's an unfounded and misinformed idea as well.

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:

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@tensor: So the only way to be more adult is to make them aliens?

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@CATPANEXE: I met movie on the theathers TMNT. As transformers series I was talking about Transformers Animated the series with Sari Sumdac. I am sorry for the confusion and your right the series was under production before the movie. Transformers Prime has mixed results but your right it is far greater job than the movies.

Thinking about they already been aliens when they were teleported to another planet therefore that was counted as well. I know you guys are searching for a quotable video answer to it for your feelings bays work may as well guess this is the example

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@Hazlenaut: That was the CGI Turtles yes. It met with confused reviews because the reviewers didn't understand it was an actual episode of the Fox series, nor had done the research, and presumed it to be a reboot of the live action movie, again not doing the research there either. It did however do well as all Turtles franchise entities do, making their opinions moot. The TF animated series likewise was the product of Hasbro, and would or would not be with Bay, whom did not produce that series anyways. TFPrime is high rated and applauded, so these individual nitpicks really mean nothing. Again, Bay has no hand in that either. I think your sources are faulty. Bay should have nothing to do with the Turtles movie. He might given how high grossing the TF movies have been. I wish the understanding would be made though that it's the Transformers franchise that grosses high, not the fact that Bay is connected to the movie projects. He really doesn't deserve to be credited with anything. Well, except maybe pot brownies?

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A lot of adjectives Teenage Mutant Alien Ninja.

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@spiderbat87 said:

Epic win

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@Rowen545: no, but i would like to see it in a more dark and different way

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I hate to break it to you but the TMNT animated movie was supposed to be a sequel to the live action movies...thus the Time Scepter at the end of the movie on their "trophy shelf"

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@danhimself: It still ran in linear fashion with the Fox animated series, rather than being a stand alone story. The characters involved and status of their stories lined up directly with the series at the time (Karai for example). The hat tips to other films didn't really remove it from that.

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@CATPANEXE: they weren't just hat tips dude...the people behind the film acknowledge it as a sequel to the live action movies...it was even boxed with the other 3 films as a collectors set

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@danhimself: I can't run with that sorry. It was the continuation of the 90's live action films and franchise years lost vs a continuation/new direction of the Fox franchise it ran in tangent with in Y2k. I have to stand by the latter.

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