Michael Bay Responds to Outcry Over Leaked Ninja Turtles Script

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Hey Michael Bay... if you wanna make a movie about some kids toy line that involves a military special ops team saving the world... why the hell aren't you working on G.I. Joe instead? Seriously it just feels like that's the movie he wants to make. Transformers and this leaked script pretty much give way to more of Bay's military fantasy.

Hell I'm sure there's still a bunch of other 80's toy lines that are more like what Bay WANTS to make where it's just a bunch of soldiers doing stuff.

But whatever, we all know Hollywood will just make this movie for the ignorant main stream audience that doesn't care about source material. Hell that's why Transformers was successful and those movies to fans and professional critics alike are just awful ><

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If this movie is gonna do any good, Bay needs a babysitter like he did for Transformers (Spielberg). Bay, with no experienced supervision, is dangerous.

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I think the Michael Bay movie I enjoyed most are The Rock and the first Bad Boys movie. After that, his movies became hard to look at. I saw Dark of the Moon. Man, slow down on the cuts.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@k4tzm4n said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@k4tzm4n Contr4tz

Hold up, shouldn't we be hating who ever writes the script? I thought Bay was just producing


Yes, Michael Bay is hardly the sole man to blame if this movie isn't what we want. After all, there's 2 writers, a director and Kevin Eastman all feeding input as well. The issue is he's the one regularly speaking on behalf of the project, and the community isn't exactly fond of him ;)

@TheMess1428 said:

I heard that Kevin Eastman has left the movie project and stuck to the cartoon and comic book.

Do you happen to have a source for this? I couldn't find that after a few searches. If that's true, that would be terrible news for the project.

If thats true then they need to stop

It wasn't announced anywhere. I just started noticing that his name was being left off on the project on a few places I looked up the movie project. So I assumed because I couldn't find anything with his name again. If they started listing him again, then I must be wrong.

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I believe him. There's no way he'd move forward with this after the outcry against it. Kevin Eastman isn't going to let Bay and co. butcher the turtles or change Shredder around. It does sound like he wanted a more realistic version at first with that older script but has seen the error of his ways.

Good article by the way. A+

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If only Michael Bay jumped off that bridge in LA instead of Tony Scott.

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this show was a part of my life when I was a kid. looks like Bay is just going to kill it for me.

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@NXH said:

If only Michael Bay jumped off that bridge in LA instead of Tony Scott.

Probably too soon but I can completely agree, or at least stop making movies but taking the plunge would at least pay for his crimes against pop culture.

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@ARMIV2 said:

Oh no...my friend was right!

I really, really, really hope Mr. Bay has enough sense to not try and push such a tried piece of garbage script. Special Ops, Dimension X, Col. Schrader?! I'm not even a TMNT guy, but I'd weep if they went with those as plot points.

Michael Bay has absolutely no sense whatsoever. TMNT is fated to go down the road Transformers did.

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Guys, be sure to remember Bay is only the producer. Sure, he has creative input, but he's certainly not alone in this ;)

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Actually, after all of this, it may be easier for MB.

Just make a movie that doesn't suck like the script, and he's good.

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Bay needs his treatment
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OMG someone important is reading this comment! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so! :)

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Micheal Bay is great when it comes to action sequences. The only movies I feel that were well done movies directed by Bay were Bad Boys, The Rock and The Island. What made these films successful in my mind was the fact that they were based on well written scripts where the plot was well paced, the action sequences were as always good, and character development was just good enough to not take away from what did work in these films. All of the other movies he's directed were based on stories where better character development and plot direction were needed in order to give the films a more fluid flow. Transformers were horrible in every manner outside of the great action sequences and CGI special effects. The whole point of the franchise (the actual Transformers) wasn't even the focus of any of the three films. Way too many humans focused on and involved in the story for a franchise that has NEVER had more than one human getting partial focus. That left no time for the Transformers to get any character development even though they're sentient intelligent beings. That's like having a film about the Avengers and then all the support characters like military personnel and regular civilians getting all the character development focus. Bad Boys II tried to be Bad Boys I on steroids but didn't add any real substance for characters who should have gone through an additional 8 years off camera high octane drama. So basically the action stepped it up and everything else just stayed flat. Pearl Harbor and Armageddon both had potential to be great...the action was phenomenal, the star power was there, the cinematography was excellent, but both were lacking in believability in what drove the characters motivations, which weren't anywhere near as bad as Transformers, yet they still kept me from giving them two thumbs up. I really think Bay should stick to producing a film (which it is said that he may only be producing Ninja Turtles...we can only hope) where he can just give advice in areas he excels at...action action action.

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That's too gory!....... I LOVE IT!

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I'll wait for a trailer.

You have to remember 2 things. The Original people that write Turtles is on board and is creating the story and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL these guys (Creators of Ninja Turtles) Change the Origin SOOOOOOO many times A NEW SEASON this shouldn't be a surprise.

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Nothing ninja about aliens and special ops military teams. I see why fans are outraged, but as long as the movie is good who freaking cares. Some people need to open their minds if we want something new and exciting. The Ninja Turtles have come and gone over the years because the masses got tired of the old ordinary turtles altered by mutagene and raised by a rat. The alien premise seems good to me and having the shredder be a military figure out to hunt the aliens down is more grounded than the whole evil foot clan failed attempts at conquest.

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I'll believe it when I'll see a trailer!

(as well as I'll judge it once I actually see it)


though for now: Not much interested/not much hopes...

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...WHy must people take an already established and successful story and rewrite an recreate it? why? LAME.

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Oh, oh, what else is he going to change?! Are the Turtles still going to eat pizza or is he going to botch that and put them on some crazy health-crave like tofu burgers? I mean, seriously! There's not an ounce of the real TMNT anywhere in this script. Aliens? THEY'RE NOT ALIENS! They didn't put "Mutant" in the title for grins and giggles. Oh, wait, he'll belittle the title so much, it won't make much of a difference now, will it? Everybody knows that the poster will say: "Michael Bay's Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles", halfway down the poster "Produced by Michael Bay", and at the bottom, "A Michael Bay Production". It's sad when you have an ego so big, you want people to remember your name more than the actual movie title. Considering how terrible this draft looks, however, he's welcome to tag his name onto this as much as he wants. Then, he won't be able to dissociate from what could be one of the worst remakes in history. Lets pray all of this draft was trashed.

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While I dislike Michael Bay, a lot... I do think he's catching flak for this crap when you've also got screen writers and other producers to blame as well. Spielberg made a pretty shitty 4th Indiana Jones movie, and his reply to all the hate was basically, "Hey man, I just directed it... its written by my bro George Lucas... so...uh... LUCAS did it".

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Not a surprise. Always thought his movies were bad, so...Ninja Turtles wont be an exception.

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@DocFishstick said:

this show was a part of my life when I was a kid. looks like Bay is just going to kill it for me.

Take a deep breath, it'll be ok Doc.

No matter what movie gets made, the Turtles you liked as a kid still exist.

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I think they should do a straight translation of the original arc in the original Mirage run.

But, we can't have an R rated Turtle movie. They want it to be funny and family friendly cuz that's where the moneys at.

So I suppose I'll settle for w/e tripe they decide to put out.

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Bay, watch the first TMNT movie. Remake that. Then kill yourself.

& no, having one or both the original creators doesnt mean a thing. George Lucas made a crappy prequel trilogy. Then he made un-needed, awful changes to the good trilogy.

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