A New, Live Action Ninja Turtles Moving Coming?

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 Which one was it?

I'll bet that CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles revival movie is still fresh on a lot of your mind but, according to Deadline, a live-action revival is in the pipe. It may be coming as soon as 2012 (hopefully before the Maya Apocalypse) because Paramount’s keen on getting a new big franchise going as soon as TRANSFORMERS wraps up. Art Macum and Matt Holloway have been tapped to turn in a draft by October. The two wrote the first IRON MAN movie and they’ve put together scripts for the in-development BUCK ROGERS and HIGHLANDER reboot movies. Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dune, will be involved in this as well.

I was as wrapped up in turtle power as every kid was when the original cartoon was running. In hindsight, the whole thing has to be one of the strangest success stories in all of pop culture. Seriously, this whole thing started as a self-published indy comic by two kids who were parodying everything that was popular in comics at the time. The TMNT were teenage because of TEEN TITANS, mutant because of NEW MUTANTS, ninja because of DAREDEVIL and turtles because that was the most ridiculous thing they could add to that (although it was possibly a goof on CERBERUS.)  == TEASER ==

There was even the in-joke about the turtles being a young Matt Murdock’s pets. They were mutated in the same accident that gave him radar sense! So this very specific parody has since become a multi-million (probably even mutli-billion franchise) that’s lasted almost continually for 25 years while the very things it made fun have gone in and out of popularity.  Amazing, right?

On a less heady note, the original TMNT movie was on TV recently (the original, dark, live action one) and man, maybe my mind’s in the gutter these days, but I couldn’t help wondering which turtle was hooking up with April O’Neil. Which one do you Comic Vine maniacs think it was? I figure Leo's too square, Don's too much of a geek and Mike can't be taken seriously... which leaves Raph, the bad boy.

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ummm, its Casey Jones who hooks up with April O'neil. 
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This is the movie I've been waiting for.
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the first April was HOT !!
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Bestiality for the looosseeee...says the artist who has 3 main characters that are animal human mutant hybrids >.>

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Cool? I really like the '90s movies (well, the first two anyway) but I was kind of dissapointed with the animated one a few years back. Hopefully this one is good. 
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I liked the previous live-action although it's been years since the last time I saw them. I also liked the live-action series. I would like to see one again.

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Man... I hope is as good as the CGI one.. Is going to be hard to top Raph kicking Leo's ass :D 


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I think Ralph was slinging the Big Green Mutated Ooze dripping Missile in Miss O'Neal while Mikey was watching getting Shellcocked.
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Not really a TMNT fan but I'm suprised Platinum Dunes are doing this, they're the group that are remaking all the great horror movies. I wonder if this'll just be a crappy remake of the first TMNT movie. 
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yea they have been talking about this since TMNT came out, I havent heard much about it but i hope they make it darker and closer to the original stories. Essentially them killing people and Leo taking out the Shredder and stuff like that, I thought TMNT was reletively close to some parts of their story.
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Guess it will be another take on the first bunch of issues, like the first movie, but with  a new direction/feel to it.
That is..if done good.
I liked and still love the first 2 movies!
But the 3rd one...ugh...crappy new cheaper turtle suits, bad action, bad directing, bad writing, bad everything!

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I actually really enjoyed the CGI movie. I felt that they were able to doing things action wise they would never be able to do with a Live Action Movie. Though with special effects they have today, I'm probably completely wrong.

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Go Ninja, go Ninja, GO!  

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My last great memory which was rather recent was Ninja Turtles Forever. Man did I stumble on a great movie that Saturday morning.

Anyway, a new live-action turtles movie would be cool I guess, just to see what a more serious version would look like. Though it can only be so serious with Mikey around, and whats a Turtles movie without some pizza and a "cowabunga"?
Though this would be very unlikely but how AWSOME would it be to see the TECHNODROME on the big screen!

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@JoeyF said:
" Go Ninja, go Ninja, GO!   "
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Rather have it CGI than Live Action. They can do so much more with computers than with suits- unless the people behind the first Underworld were working on the suits.  
Chris Evans needs to reprise Casey Jones and Buffy for April O'Neal.  
But seriously we need to see a return of Bebop and Rocksteady.
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I remember the old TMNT live-action movies when I was a kid.  They were a lot of fun considering its been 20 years since the first one came out.  Should be interesting if the newer one is as fun as the old ones.

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Ha, no.

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As long as Vanilla Ice makes a cameo, it will be balls..

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@Green ankh: Please tell me you're kidding about that freckled face nasty nasty B&%tch.  The original TMNT movie was pretty dark, but it stayed with comics.  They took a lot of it from Vol. 4 and the death of the Shredder the first time around.  They even went with Splinters orgin of being a rat as apposed to the cartoons version of him be the guy.  I thought was cool as hell.  Adam Rockwell has a small part in it too.  I'll give you a hint.  "Regular or Menthol?"
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I really hope they don't rehash the same story again after it's been done twice. 
That whole Leo and Raph not getting a long thing and the family is in turmoil is getting old, but since it's a reboot it'll probably happen a third time.   *sigh* 
Seriously, I'm ready for the guys to move on to something bigger and better.     

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I'm a huuge Turtles fan, and that first live action movie is one of my favorite movies ever. I'm excited for a new one, but I know nothing will ever squash my love of the original!

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I think if any TURTLE was hooking up with April in the original TMNT, it was most likely Michaelangelo.  Leo was too focused on his training and the return of Splinter, Rafael was too angsty and was unconscious through a good chunk of the movie, and Donny was too busy pal-ing around with Casey, which leaves only Mikey (you could tell that she liked him by the way she laughed at his terrible impressions!)
Anyway, I really liked the CGI TMNT, and was hoping we'd see at least one more of those.  Sadly, that doesn't look like it'll be the case. :/ 

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I admit I too like the Turtles!!  It was a fun show to watch as a kid and I enjoyed the movies they have done so far.  But, I always get worried when ANY of my fav old cartoons/comics say they are releasing a new movie... worrying they will wreck it. Ya, how pessimistic of me ... LOL!!
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@csimon said:
" @BuddyBulson said:
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I quite liked the latest CG incarnation. With the advance in FX lately, I'm sure they could do an amazing job with a live-action version too though!

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YEAH, ABOUT TIME! I loved the live action turtles lmfao, dont judge me.
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i really hope they make another live-action film. I loved TMNT when i was a kid

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I would definately go see a Live Action TMNT Movie.  I'll be honest, I haven't even watched the animated movie yet.  I loved the old set of movies, so I just can't bring myself to do it.
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I like the turtles and enjoyed the last cgi movie. But I enjoyed it for the other characters and am really kind of tired of the turtles themselves.
Time to retire them for a couple of decades.
Addendum: I wouldnt mind seeing a movie about battle nexus contests and storyline though. Or a live action version if they did it well.

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The original movie is sooo well done. I hope this one pulls through
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sweet big fan of the turtles for the last 20 odd yrs at this stage be great to see a film been done again another trillogy
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Me and my friends watched Turtles 2 and noticed things that would lead to Raphael to being secretly gay. Watch it with that in your mind. It's insane.

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@BuddyBulson said:
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@BuddyBulson said:


I agree

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I guess it will based on the original first bunch of issues, thus a retelling of the same story as the first live movie.
With only a new direction & visual look. Maybe some "classic Hollywood twists" when they like to take liberties with characters & concept in flicks. Like the ending of Watchmen, Kickass' jetpack, etc..

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I want a watchmen like turtles movie. Dark looking (but no murder) and some but not constant slowmo speed up violence
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I'm super excited for another live action....loved the first two, third was to out there! The CGI one was horse poop, they didn't even look like the turtles and the voices were all wrong. The only thing that would dissapoint me is if Michael Bay makes another "michael bay" film! Would like to see a darker more violent version, while still keeping their up beat pizza eating attitudes. The original bandanas would be kickin as well.

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IMDB says 2014 for the movie, but I'm excited about the new animated series in 2012!

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said: @~Marauder~ said:

Man... I hope is as good as the CGI one.. Is going to be hard to top Raph kicking Leo's ass :D

raph beating leo's ass was awesome raph is the best turtle the only problem he has is his hot temper

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cant wait for this i wonder what its gonna be about

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I'm hoping its a screen adaption of the first 4-6 issues of the original Mirage studios run. However the IDW run has been freaking awesome so far, I wouldn't mind them trying to adapt that into a film either.

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