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I owned a book in the late 80's/early 90's that collected several stories from the comic series of TMNT. In this collection, Leo was wandering off on his own while the others were putting up a Christmas tree. As Leo was wandering alone, he was attacked by the Foot and eventually was captured and thrown into the home beat up with the rest of the turtles. The events were very similar to what happened to Raph in the first movie.

Now this is where you come in. I need to know which issues these were and if they are availabe anywhere online. Thanks a lot for any and all help.

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That would be Leonardo #1 from the first volume of TMNT.  It's actually my favorite single issue from that first batch of issues.  I don't know about it being available online, but if you check out the Comic Books section on ninjaturtles.com, they've slowly been putting the volume one issues up to read.  And I believe Mirage will be soliciting a big hardcover soon that might include this issue.

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 I found a website that will let you SEE AND READ THE COMIC BOOKS PAGES at www.ninjaturtles.com (click on to the comic book page and it will be smooth sailing from there.)

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