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Heating Up!


Why can't the regular book be like this one?

Trust me, I'm not trying to down talk the main book, but this mini just seems to capture something about the turtles in the art that has been missing in the main book for some time.

A few things of note - the soldiers are standing up in a limo. I noticed this back in an issue of Flash. Is there something about limos that are different in the comic book world? Also weird to note - Raph looks like he lands on the street when he jumps from the van onto the limo. It doesn't help that the limo is black, but from the angle of the art it really seemed like he hit the ground and not the top of the limo.

And heads up to acknowledging that the tracer that was placed on Dr. Miller would be obvious to spot. Honestly though, that was a little too obvious. No one would notice Dr. Miller carrying a back with a ninja star sticking out of it with a flashing green light as they traveling up the elevator to some floor of a huge building? Really?

And I'm liking that fish-eye view at the end of the book. It is like the view from a security camera as it watches over the turtles fighting the Foot.

The story is filled with a deep sense of history, providing as many answers as it does questions. Mind you, it hasn't answered the big question of the series, but it is supplying enough of a trail of crumbs to get to the main dish. I'm just thoroughly stoked to get the next issue.


Words: 9/10

Pictures: 10/10

General Feeling After Reading: Halfway through the mini and me. Wants. MORE.

Buy Next Issue: Done and done.

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