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Good golly miss Molly...

Good golly, Miss Molly! This book is awesome! What is there not to say about it? First off: The story is jaw-dropping. We're seeing more of the past and continuing the Turtles search for answers in the present. We learn more of the relationship between Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki and why in the present, Splinter and Shredder recognize their respective spirits. It is a very well told story and flows great from past to present and back. I can't say enough so simply buy it and try it out.

As for the artwork, it too is amazing. I love the style and it looks great.

This is a short review due to time, but understand there just isn't enough I can say. Its an amazing story. I don't know what it is but IDW won't let a bad TMNT book hit the shelves. Everything they do is amazing. I simply can't express how great this series has been so far. Buy it.


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