raw_material's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #2 review

Dr. Miller Knows Best!

The Good

I really enjoy reading about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, having them been some of the first comic hero figures I've actually admired while growing up; and for IDW Publishing to brace the Ninja Turtles as part of their list of comic titles, makes it that much more exceptional. Going into this 4-part mini-series - particularly focusing on the Foot Clan - I was very anxious to seeing what Erik Burnham had in store after seen the work done by IDW Editor, Tom Waltz's previous run with 'TMNT'. Knowing that this series primarily focuses on the history of the Foot Clan, Burnham knew that he had to keep his work original and simple, but also elaborate on the creative mind he has with the current events of the series to maintain the standards of what produces a great issue, specifically about origins and the past. I believe Burnham did a great job bringing about the establishment of the Foot Clan and going back to the very beginning of the original founding fathers. He does an excellent work on presenting the history in an orderly timeline, but also leaves enough room to expand on the tales of the Foot Clan; which I highly expect we'll see more great events be told that has happened to effect the Clan and explain why they took the path they've followed. We also get to see more controversial arguments between Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki early rivalry amongst each other.

Really like what the artists of the title has done with the cover; having the art polished by the talented hands of Mateus Santolouco, the story's explained in a more vivid way. Given the classic artwork of his, with the colorings of various artists, the panels are absolutely amazing; from the flashbacks of Master Splinter and Shredder to the action scene with the Ninja Turtles chasing a vehicle full of members of the Foot Clan led by Karai - who apparently has a hold of Dr. Miller. As to why Karai is asking for Dr. Miller's assistance, it's all apart of Shredder's plan for him to get more information on the past secrets of what the Foot Clan holds. In my eyes, the artwork makes this series more of a presentable story that's easy to follow; with each panel continuing from the previous one before, it all makes sense and seems that they present the panels with "flow".

The Bad

I have no questions or comments on this issue besides "good job, IDW!"

The Verdict

The series is only a 4-part mini, so it'll be hard to get lost; and if you've missed the first issue, I highly suggest picking up on this series because this is one of the best titles outside of the mainstream comics, particularly coming from DC Comics and Marvel. If you're one of those people that watched the Ninja Turtles throughout your childhood in their trilogy of 1990 films and animated series, place this into your pull list cause it's an all-time classic and also will be explaining more about the history of Shredder's Foot Clan!

Posted by Edimasta

Can't find this issue in the IDW App on my iPad... the first issue I have, but this one does not show up oO

Posted by Cyclops4President

This cover looks great. Great review.

Posted by Raw_Material

@edimasta: Check out MidtownComics.com and I'm sure you can find it there.

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