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You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

So yeah, they're redoing TMNT vol. 1 in color. I heard this and being a fan of the white and black originals I didn't even subscribe despite my love for anything of the brothers 4. Then I saw the second issue on the rack at my local shop and thought to myself "Wonder what it looks like in color? Did it change much?" I subscribed after that thumb-through and bought the issues already out. It is amazing. Nothing really needs to be said about the story and art, we all already know how amazing those originals are, but it's a review, so: beginning with number 1 here, we see these brothers and their Ninja ways. As an introductory issue, this book is amazing. It's so well done, both adult and somehow just dull enough for a child mind. The story is superb, almost too good, and we see a lot in just an intro issue. So, let's get down to the's fantastic! This is modern color techniques applied to the oldschool imagery of Laird and Eastman but the colorist did amazing work giving it a gritty, aged feel. It is so well done that if you picked it up never knowing the originals were black and white you honestly would think it always looked this way. Amazing work coming from IDW.


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    Holy sweet nostalgia, Batman! This is the best $3.99 you're ever going to spend. If you're a Turtles fan, there's literally no reason not to buy this. Even if you own an original copy of the 1984 Mirage issue that started it all, this will give you the chance to keep that copy nice and clean and use this fresh one for reading. And, if you've never had the chance to read the very first Turtles adventure (understandable seeing as the back issues are expensive and graphic novels are costly as well)...

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