super_man_23's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30 - Northampton Part 2 review

"Your pal, Mikester." - Michelangelo TMNT 30: A time we finally get to see the Turtles bond after City Fall.

This issue is partly told from the eyes and words of Michelangelo, the Turtles are are still adjusting to their life on the farm.


And everything is right in the world!

What makes this a 5-star comic review?

Well it's really an assortment of things (i.e. writing and art) that make this a 5-star review. However, lets start with the writing/story.

A part of what makes this great is the writing.

Kevin Eastman and his team of writers did a great job with this story. It focuses more on the Turtle's new environment, adjusting to that big change and also how they are worried about rekindling Leo's lost connection with the group. The writers improved greatly from last issue, as Leo was what saved that issue by having us focus on his struggle of the implanted memories and the memories of his past. So that was good to see that the writers had finally made the entire TMNT group more connected with one another. Also, can we really trust Alopex or is she gonna betray the team?

Mikey's personalized take on his family was a genius move on the writer's part.

Mikey's letter helped keep us on pace, and focused with the story when things started to go south.

If a portion of the story was being carried out too long, or was feeling a bit mismatched, Mikey's words that appeared at certain points of this issue helped make this issue great. It gave us "Mikey's Take" on what was happening with his brothers and father. It helped, me personally as a reader, to feel more connected with the characters and their current problem. Instead of hoping that Ninjas start fighting Ninjas again. If Mikey's Take was throughout the entire story, I don't think it'd be as great. So a portion of that credit goes to the writers. The other portion goes to the art.

What about the art?

It's still fantastic thanks for asking! Ross Campbell and Ronda Pattison are giving 110% with their artwork. The style fits this portion of the series as it is more inviting, or peaceful, in the sense as they are no longer in the concrete jungle [New York City], but in a natural setting. The colors by Pattison really compliment Campbell's skills as an artist. I honestly believe that this issue wouldn't be as successful without the combined efforts of the artist and writers. Plus, the cover for this issue is one of my favorite from this series.


No complaints, you either like TMNT this way or in some other way. But seriously, this is awesome. However, if I did have to bicker about one thing (or two things) it'd be Casey and April. I'm still trying to grasp their importance in all this. Sure there is some conspiracy with April's parents and being connected with the Ooze, but I don't really care. In my mind, they only serve the purpose of being the owners of the farm, so they act as minor characters so far. Hopefully this'll change soon. But I like I said, this is bickering on a great issue.


Nope, I lied! Everything is gone to Shell (TMNT pun again, you should've expected that by now).

If you don't like TMNT, then just move along. Overall 5 out of 5.


  1. Is Alopex really gone good, or will her villainous roots return to betray the team?

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