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Letters from Home

The Good: The second part of the Northhampton arc is a fantastic issue, that will warm your heart. Structuring the issue around Mikey's letter to Woody is an excellent idea that gives a the reader a great insight to his character and to a side that we do not often see. Each brother gets his spot to "emotionally shine" in this issue, we get to see Donnie struggling with his emotions and not being able to dig into technology as an escape and then struggling with his fathers depression. The art could not fit the story better, I do have my qualms with the way some people look, but really the art just fits the story so well it brings you into the story even more. The Bad: Nothing really bad to say, the cliff hanger ending, why can't we just end the issue on a positive note? Overall: Great issue and I really liked that my complaints from the 1st Northhampton issue was solved and we got insght on the other TMNT brothers, can't wait until the next issue!

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