super_man_23's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29 - Northampton Part 1 review


Turtles are healing up in the country side from the recent events of City Fall!


This is not a great issue, but it is an adequate one.

Kevin Eastman and his team of writers are slowing down a bit. We've had mutants, guns, swords, ninjas, and betrayals all wrapped into a seven issue story arc (eight if you include the prologue in TMNT issue 21). It was a fun ride seeing what Kevin Eastman and his team would cook up for us Turtle fans. However, now is the time for slowing down and focusing/rebuilding the bond that the Turtles had lost with their rescued brother, Leonardo.

Time for lots of rest and dreaming about future possibilities

While all the turtles are equal, and being guided by their father/master Yoshi-Splinter, we all know Leo is the leader of the group. However, with this current problem with him not knowing and not even caring for his family now, could we see Raph take his place? I mean that'd be a cool thought to mess around with, Leo no longer being a member of the team (and going onto his own solo book called: "Leonardo") cause of his memories and Raph finally taking his place. It'd be interesting to see, but more than likely not going to happen. However, the writers are starting to make it feel like this is one possibility.

The writers play on Leo's twisted memories really well.

That is the highlight of the entire issue. Leo is extremely distant and cold towards his brothers and father. He's battling with both the implanted memories that Shredder gave him and also the real memories. So it is really great to see a character still going through that stuff, and second guessing himself during that process. Props to Kevin Eastman and his team of writers, they really know how to make a hero second guess himself.

Time to get all artsy.

Ross Campbell takes over as lead artist for this portion of the Turtle's adventures. I had to get used to his artwork at first, but looking at the colors by Ronda Pattison and the cover he did for this issue. It is really awesome and captures the nature element that is prominent in this portion of the series. So congrats to the combined efforts of Campbell and Pattison for making me enjoy the art aspect of this issue.


We are all fine with your choice to slow things down, BUT I still want to feel connected to the Turtle's current dilemma, not just Leo's.

This issue felt a bit slow. I wasn't as interested in this issue as I was prior ones. Granted, this is after the events of "City Fall", however I still should be engaged in all the turtles conversations and their struggles not just Leo's. Leo, for me in this issue, was what saved this issue and if the other characters felt just as important as Leo it'd turn this adequate issue into a great one.


Great jumping on point! This is after City Fall, so expect the rebuilding of brotherly relationships with Leo as he's still pretty messed up in his head. So that is something to expect for issues to come. Overall you will either hate this issue or like it, but you can see the writers are slowly (but steadily) building up to fixing Leo's mind. Or not fixing it for that matter. Who knows. 3 out of 5.


  1. What did you like or hate about this issue?
  2. Do you think Leo will ever be back to normal?
  3. Is Raph going to take Leo's place as leader?

Comment below, I'd like to hear your opinions!








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