super_man_23's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23 - City Fall Part Two review

TMNT 23 - City Fall Pt.2

City Fall continues!

The Good

City Fall has gotten off to a fantastic start! With the action packed last issue, we have a wounded Casey and a kidnapped Leonardo. Now we see how each team, the Turtles and the Foot, are handling with their recent success and losses. Also the plan of the Foot is partly revealed with one of the steps involving Leonardo!

This was a great issue. From the events of the last issue, I was extremely excited for the next. This being my first exposure to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in comic form, I've been glad that the writers have been able to spark my interest in a darker Ninja Turtles. Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz all do an outstanding job with the script and tone of the issue. They build around the fact that the Turtles are not invincible nor perfect. This adds a lot of character development that is not found in the current TV series.

Also, an old enemy of the turtles, Hob, has a sketchy deal that he wants to make with the Turtles. It will be interesting how that turns out. This issue had the right balance of suspense, action, and drama that will spark my interest once again in hopes for the 24th issue.

No words can tell about Mateus Santolouco artwork. His art works perfect for the tone and look of the comic. The colors by Ronda Pattison is also great because with every great artist comes an equally great colorist.

The Bad

I do wish that the Casey and Leo stories were handled better. Both were good, however if Casey's medical side of the story was handled all in the beginning of this issue - it would allow for their to be no break in the Leo side of the story with Kitsune in his mind. Other than that, it was a great issue.

The Verdict

Next in City Fall!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is for everyone! It has action, drama, suspense, and likeable characters. Plus it has Ninjas! City Fall is the perfect story arc to read this fantastic series created by people who love the Ninja Turtles. With what has transpired in this issue, it will be interesting what else is in store for the Foot and the Turtles.

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TMNT 24 - City Fall Pt.3 (Release date July 24, 2013. Reviewed July 25, 2013.)

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